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    National Yang Ming Chiao Tung College of Medicine strives to educate students to become empathetic and skilled scientists and physicians, who excel in science, technology, and service. Interdisciplinary cooperation between the School of Medicine, 12 institutes and 20 research centers provide in-depth and creative educational learning experiences. Intensive clinical training and research are supported by the network of affiliated hospitals. The recent university merger with National Chiao Tung University further expands the school's clinical and academic training to biotechnological and engineering aspects. The school consistently keeps connection with its alumni and constantly works to extend the network of its international partners, enhancing the contribution of services to the domestic community, and the development and improvement of health care around the world.

    The College of Medicine seeks to recruit domestic and international students and faculty to actively learn, share versatile professional backgrounds, and cultivate a setting of diversity and tolerance. Those qualities which are essential to lead the transformation of medical education in clinical practice and research, advance basic medical science and public health and cultivate more scientific discoveries in the pursuit of new ideas. The College of Medicine is committed to the sustainable management of material and financial resources, optimizing the educational and academic outputs.


Strategic Plans